Digital TLC
Updated 2020 November 29


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Email the Digital TLC and Web Administrator: Tim Chapman

The purpose of the Digital Tech Learning Club (Digital TLC) is to bring knowledgable SPSC member volunteers together to help other members gain new digital experiences. The world is quickly changing where computers and cell phones have become the main stream information tools. You can do banking, taxes, games, reading, write email or edit manuscripts. The Internet has opened the whole world to social networking, information, news, entertainment, shopping and so on. The digital age is upon us and users sometimes need a bit of help to get them on their way in making good use of their devices and applications. Our Club is the go-to place to get ahead of the curve and to utilize your new digital world. We offer our popular One-on-One Help where you get personalized attention with your specific digital issue. And it's all free to SPSC members who want some Digital TLC.

Please note that our volunteers devote their own time to help you. If you are unable to fulfill an appointment please let the Registration Manager know. Also, when you arrive, make sure you log-in to show that you are attending a computer session. You are encouraged to bring your own digital device along with relevant passwords.

All sessions are cancelled until further notice. The SPSC is inactive due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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