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Updated 2020 September 20

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July 23: Free Adult 55+ Resources from the City of Pickering during this challenging time with COVID-19.

July 31: New COVID-19 notification app rolls out in Ontario. Click COVID Alert for information.

August 4: Free Programs in the Park for Adult 55+.
Click here for the details.

August 17: Click here for NEW mental health handout from Ontario Caregivers Organization and BounceBack.

To all members please be advised your Board of Directors, at a meeting held August 18, 2020, to review the protocols and restrictions currently in effect, have unanimously decided not to open our Club at this time. Physical distancing, pre-registration, pre-screening, signed waiver requirements and the wearing of PPE along with the limited number of members that can participate in any one activity, all negate a positive decision which was made in the best interest of our members, our volunteers and your executive. We will revisit the status as the situation unfoldes this fall and after the survey response data is reviewed.

The Board also, unanimously, fixed our membership fees for 2021. Members renewing their membership will pay $5.00 while new members will pay $10.00.

Thanks for your patience and on behave of your Board of Directors

Ed Fry


August 27: City of Pickering - Pickering Moves Forward with Anti-Black Racism Initiatives

September 2: Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Snow Clearing Program Information. Click here.

September 2: Seniors and Persons with Disabilities Snow Clearing Program Application. Click here.

We could use your assistance in getting the word out to those who may not have access to virtual programming but who would greatly benefit from a telephone-based program due to the potential for social isolation. I have attached the program flyer for your information but we would love nothing more than to be able to reach out to those most in need of connection and/or engagement. It is always fun, very social and gets the mind working. Participants do not need to actively participate, they can merely sit in and listen, enjoy the conversation and/or participate when or if they feel comfortable doing so.

Weekly Schedule:
1. Tuesday Trivia 2:00 pm -2:30 pm
2. Name That Tune Thursday 10:30 am – 11:00 am

If those you speak to are not comfortable calling in or if they would like to be reminded of programs each week, we can add them to the “call-in” list. What that means is that we can manually call out to them before a program begins and they just have to be home to answer the call! Lastly, if they have program ideas or would like to hear information on a specific topic, they can let us know and we can arrange it. Additionally if you, or your respective agency, have an information session you would like to host, we are open to having you added to the schedule.

Please pass along to your networks and clients so that they can take advantage of this FREE, telephone-based program for adults 55+ in Pickering.

Thank you for your assistance in increasing awareness in this very worthwhile program. Kim Bradley