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City of Pickering Spring 2020 Newsletter

Recent Updates and News

Updated 2020 May 30

Posters may not be in chronological order.

The City of Pickering has extended cancellations and closures to July 1, 2020 (inclusive) as per this link. Therefore, the East Shore Community Centre is closed. Although the ESCC is scheduled to open on July 2 that is not the date our SPSC will be open to our membership. The Board needs to meet on July 2nd to discuss and meet the protocols that must be followed. There will be serious restrictions.  

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May 22, 2020
City of Pickering announces reopening of select outdoor areas
Update #10
Pickering, ON, May 22, 2020 – The City of Pickering is lifting restrictions on select outdoor areas, in accordance with Phase 1 of Ontario’s framework for reopening the province.

Here is a request from Active Aging Canada. If you have a few minutes, they would really appreciate it if you could complete a short, confidential survey focusing on physical literacy for older adults. The survey will help ensure that new physical literacy resources meet the current needs of older adults and those who work with them. They are recruiting both older adults as well as staff working with older adults, to complete the survey.

The City of Pickering is pleased to announce the most recent Public Art installation in Esplanade Park entitled “Spirit of Pickering”. The work, created by Artist Geordie Lishman, includes four stainless steel statues named Live, Work, Gather, and Inspire, celebrating the theme of Pickering’s City Centre.

Ontario Senior Games Association

University of Toronto is surveying seniors about technology use and social isolation. Your input will help them understand how senior citizens use technology and how accepting they are to having technology in the home to assess for social isolation. Please help spread the word. Eligibility for this study:

• 55 years or older
• Living in the community
• Fluent in English
• Living in Canada
• Not living in a long-term care facility
• Are capable of providing informed consent

You can do this survey online or over telephone. Telephone: (416) 946-8573

By participating, you will be entered in a draw to win 1 of 4 gift cards to a coffee shop valued at $50.